ISFAP - FAQ for Postgraduate Funding

Who must apply for the postgraduate bursary?

- Persons aged 21 to 35 years
- Applying to study at NMU, WITS, UP, UJ, SU, UCT, UKZN

Which postgraduate degrees are covered on the bursary?

- Postgraduate studies in Actuarial Science, Charted Accountancy, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Humanities, Advance Diploma in Technical and Vocational Teaching

What does the funding include?

- Tuition fees
- Accommodation
- Meals
- Cash Allowance
- Transport (If not accessing Accommodation and Meals)
- Study materials
- Electronic device

What is needed for the motivational letter

- A compelling motivational letter for funding a Postgraduate Degree may include Educational Background, Career Goals, Relevance of the Postgraduate Programme, Research Experience, Interests and Why You Deserve Funding.

How do I apply?

- Submit your applications to

When can I apply?

- Application opened on 28th November 2023 and closes 5th January 2024

When can I expect feedback on my online application?

- Once all assessments are finalized – around last week of Feb/ early March 2024

I have received an offer from another bursary provider. What must I do?

- You can choose to accept the bursary funding you have received.

Is funding available for full-time/part-time students?

- Full time students

I obtained my qualifications in a country outside of South Africa. How does this affect my application for postgraduate studies?

- As long as you are a SA citizen and enrolled in a PG course as per fields above you are eligible for the bursary.

Are foreign national or persons not SA citizens eligible?

- No, only SA citizens will be considered for the bursary

Are all races and genders allowed to apply?

- Yes, all race groups and genders are allowed to apply

Will my undergraduate performance be part of the selection criteria?

- Yes, your undergraduate performance is a critical part of the selection criteria.

Will wrap around support be provided once I get the bursary?

- Yes, wrap around support will be provided to all students on this programme

Will this bursary cover my full course of degree period?

- Yes, the funding will cover N (stipulated time to finish your course) years of study

Do I need to submit my proof of registration once registered?

- If you did not submit your proof of registration during the application process, you can submit it to us once registered, by emailing it to

ISFAP - the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme - was established to assist poor and 'missing' middle income university students in selected fields of study to afford the university fees by means of providing financial aid provided the candidate meets certain prescribed requirements.
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